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The lonely strum of his guitar

Thier empty darkened faces
The loneliness cant be erased
He worries and he paces
The hunger hurts
But that is all
For now he feels no more
Where will he sleep
He cares no more
A dirty dust filled floor
Another star gone down the drain
His talent left unknown
The lonely strum of his guitar
To me it stands alone

A smile with style

A laugh insane
A man of fire
Will fel no pain
A gut of fear
Too long to wait
Nowhere to go
A worthless fate

My Protecter
Protect me
Sheild me from the fear you have thrown on me
and the shame you have branded me with
Guard me from this whimsical world
Keep me barricaded
Obscure, on the inside
Dont let them find me
They want to alienate me
Keep me oppressed
Poison my brain and taint my soul
I'll remain here, while you enter the battlefield
Armed withyour backpack of maimed ashes
You must always defend me
Until my unlikely demise and beyond
You must devour these industrial zombies
You'll have this lost civilization
scratching for salvation
so go on, begin your mission
Or my ashes will burn in the hand of the enemy
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